Breaking news from the brokerage team
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Breaking news from the brokerage team

Always a good and effective service, Contest Brokerage is now set to launch in September an exciting new approach – the CB Selection…

The Contest brokerage team and clients have long had the benefit of showing and viewing brokerage yachts in the dry, heated environment of our shoreside storage facility. Now the new CB Selection takes this several steps further. In a decorous, dedicated display hall with all-around gantries for immediate deck access, yachts sold within the CB Selection will truly be in showroom condition, brought up to extremely high standards of presentation.

With topsides and brightwork polished, bottoms anti-fouled and interiors decluttered and deep cleaned and with key ancillary equipment checked and serviced, each CB Selection yacht will be at its very best for swift, efficient, best price sale. That’s good for the seller, good for the buyer. Broking dreams together. To discover more, contact Contest Brokerage at +31 227 543636 or by email at

For more information please visit the Contest Brokerage website.