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Brokerage and MYS cooperation benefit: selling a Contest 55CS within three weeks!

The benefits of MYS’s maintenance and refit skills are clear for any Contest owner. With both MYS and Contest Brokerage sharing not just the same corporate parentage but the same campus too, the skill-share between the businesses ensures the most intimate knowledge of every boat built and cared for. So, who better to work on your boat? A fact frequently proven with more and more Contests making the journey back north from the Med for a cost effective solution.

A Contest 55CS of the early 2000’s had been lying in the Mediterranean for sale for years with little interest shown and her condition deteriorating in the harsh, bleaching, Mediterranean sun and salt. Then she was sailed back here to Medemblik for a touch or two of tender loving care including a brightening of decks and anti-fouling of bottom… and she was sold after just three weeks standing.

“Three weeks, that’s quite an achievement in current market conditions,” says Contest yard broker Sieger Postuma. “Sometimes the key thing is to make just a little refit or new refinishing to optimise price and interest when you’re selling your Contest. And why back through us? If you sell your yacht through the yard that built her, it rightly gives the buyer a little more faith and helps both parties achieve the best fair deal. And though naturally specialist in Contest yacht sales, we are also broker for other high quality yachts, similarly offering expert marketing advice to expedite sales through our global network including our 13 international Contest Agents.”

For more information concerning selling or buying a yacht, contact Contest Brokerage by phone at +31 (0)227 543 636 or email