Looking ahead to the late season shows
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Looking ahead to the late season shows

As the summer surges on and our holidays find us exploring new horizons, there’s even more discovery ahead – the late season boat shows.

First, the northern water Amsterdam In-Water Boat Show from 29 August – 3 September where we will be showing the award winning, highly customisable performance cruising 13m Contest 42CS and latest 16m motor cruising 52MC Flybridge.

Next down in the Med comes the Cannes Boat Show (Yachting Festival) running 12-17 September where we will again show the Contest 52MC Flybridge and an as yet still to be announced sibling from our line of high quality, hand built, personalised, performance ocean cruising yachts.

Straight after Cannes we’re heading to the Genoa Boat Show, 21-26 September, for the first time in years where we’ll have on show the 67CS. Then just along the coast at the Monaco Yacht Show, 27-30 September, although we have no stand we’ll be motoring around for the duration in our Contest 52MC Flybridge. To get aboard simply email info@contestyachts.com!

Meanwhile back up north Southampton runs from 15-24 September and where down on the dock we’ll be showing the Contest 42CS, perfect as has been proven for both northern and southern climates with its wide range of interior and deckplan arrangements.

Do come along, we’d love to welcome you at these shows to acquaint yourself with all that’s new and happening at our yard and in your fleet.

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