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Contest Cup 2007 a resounding success

The fourth Contest Cup took place over the first weekend of June. The Royal Dutch Sailing Club in Muiden was the home base for the 25 contestants, who sailed a number of races on the IJsselmeer lake. In addition to the healthy competitive nature of the Contest Cup, the pleasure and mutual exchange of Contest experiences formed a major part of the weekend.

25 to 50 footers
With no less than 25 Contest sailing yachts taking part, varying in length from 25 to 50 feet, there was significant interest in the fourth edition of the Cup. Various Contest owners from outside the Netherlands joined their Dutch counterparts.

The kick-off was held on Friday in Enkhuizen, from where the first race sailed to Muiden the next morning. A lack of wind made this a difficult course, especially for smaller yachts. However, the beautiful weather did offer the ideal backdrop to enjoy a drink or two and chat about the race on deck after arriving in the harbour. The Saturday evening was spent enjoying a lively dinner as the awards for the first day were presented.

The Sunday was blessed with somewhat more wind, with a constant 12 knots for two short-course races. Late in the afternoon it was time for the conclusion of a very successful Contest Cup 2007, and the prizes for that day and the overall ranking were presented.