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Global launch Contest 72CS

Contest Yachts has started production of a new order for the largest boat built by this leading Dutch yard. The Contest 72CS will synthesise all Contests’ 50-plus years of experience and craftsmanship with the very latest engineering and technology.


When launched in the summer of 2012, the new Contest 72CS will be a phenomenal new flagship for the ever-expanding Contest fleet. Contest Yachts recently launched the first Contest 57CS and modern versions of its entire range of bluewater cruisers are being introduced alongside the traditional designs that have served this family-run yard so well.


“While impressed with our current largest vessel, the Contest 62CS, the clients wanted to go a step further. We were delighted to oblige and the Contest 72CS fits clearly into our strategy of meeting market demands for larger yachts,” says managing director Arjen Conijn.

The sleek go-anywhere Contest 72CS will set new standards of performance and comfort. Like all Contest yachts, this bluewater cruiser will be one of the very few semi-custom yachts in Europe to meet the stringent quality demands of Lloyd’s certification.


To save weight and add strength, Contest Yachts will use its industry-leading vacuum infusion system to produce both the hull and deck. The emphasis on quality will be underlined by the sublime finish of the interior for which the yard is renowned