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The Contest Principle

Building dreams together
At Contest Yachts we see sailing as a way of determining, expressing your own dreams and ambitions. Which is why we build not just high quality yachts. We build them with each owner’s highly personalised input. Performance yachts well set to sail the world’s oceans and fulfil personal dreams, ambitions, comfortably, safely.

Our yachts are built to enjoy equally coastal, offshore and bluewater exploration. In our now 60-year history we have learned well the responsibilities and requirements of successful long-stay sailing. Using the best of materials, hand crafting and innovative technology, we work closely with each and every owner to design, build and deliver well sorted, strong, light, seakindly, easily handled, performance distance cruisers.

Yachts to let you adventure, to fulfil your dreams.



Based in Medemblik, Holland on the edge of the IJsselmeer, we are a third generation family firm now 60-plus years old. We have always cared deeply about what we do and what we build. We believe in reputation. Working to the finest of boat building standards and adopting the best appropriate world technologies we also have always been innovative. We've come a long way since our very first built boat, the Olympic class Flying Dutchman, and early Contest yachts.

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From being the first series-builder to adopt vacuum injection moulding which ensures consistency, integrity with increased strength yet good weight savings, to working alongside America’s Cup winged keel creator Piet van Oosanen, the Conijn family and Contest Yachts have always practised innovation… but in that respectful way of the Dutch. Not to impress, only to improve.

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At Contest Yachts traditional boat building skills complement modern construction methods. Building our yachts starts, yes, with hi-tech vacuum infusion moulding, whereby resin is injected in precise monitored conditions, yet the build will invariably finish with classic cabinet making and polishing techniques. Between start and finish all the many trades involved conduct their work, both individually and together, to the very highest of skill levels to ensure delivery of a yacht that will not only fulfil but exceed expectations.

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From Day One, Contest Yachts has aligned and worked only with leading designers. First Luyten, unafraid to test the Sixties’ new technologies. Then van Essen and Das who drew the first yacht with aft cockpit but no aft deck. Doug Petersen followed, adding regatta experience to cruising pedigree, then Dick Zaal, Georg Nissen and now the newly framed relationship with judel/vrolijk & co. Every one a valued contributor to the development and success of Contest Yachts… from regatta and coastal cruising to world circling.

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The meaning of Lloyd’s Register Hull Construction Certification

Showroom conditions can make any yacht shine and seem to promise the best of passages. The reality, though, is that peace of mind at sea hardly comes better than when construction is under the watch of the oldest name in sea safety – Lloyd’s Register. For 48 years now, Contest has delivered yachts with the surety of a Lloyd’s Register Hull Construction Certificate. Building to this standard means very much more than most might realise, and no other semi-custom sailing yacht constructor has such a continuous history, or in this sector such a high level of certification. Contest Yachts truly go further in design, engineering and build protocols than other constructors.

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