20151208 Newsletter Brokerage

Contest Brokerage beats the winter blues

Our brokerage team is reporting a pleasing continuation of the brisk business that built at a steady pace through 2015, with listings reflecting a market more lively than in quite a long while. Churn has been good with new brokerage boats fast replacing those sold in both northern and southern waters. Recent months have seen 12 pre-owned Contest sales spanning Contest 36S to 55CS plus other brand sales including Najad, Standfast and Sweden Yachts.

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The perfect presentation

We also have the distinct advantage of pursuing an effective and efficient winter sales drive with much of our brokerage list on show for viewings in the warm and dry, expansive MYS heated yacht storage halls at our Medemblik yard. Great for buyers, great for sellers, both benefitting from the perfect environment to view and maintain tip-top condition… the perfect presentation. We, also, of course know the history of every Contest listed.

With the lead this gives us we are now receiving more and more distant boats returning to base for onward sale including, for example, the very well maintained and operated Contest 55CS Nicky Tam II, sailed up from Lymington in a very blustery October to begin the next phase of her life with a sensitive refresh and deep clean prior to inviting new prospective owners on board.

Check out our services and listings online at www.contestbrokerage.nl and do bear in mind we also have clients who prefer privacy and keep their boats offline, so please do call us directly to discover the full selection.

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